Look out for the Easter bunny!

Great to see the activation work we did for Mondelez in Australia is appearing in the brand’s UK campaign this year!



Sean Dwyer

Localisation meets (dis)loyalty

Localisation has been a buzz word for a while now, and loyalty even longer… but customer fatigue for the latter is definitely beginning to settle in.  So at the Retail Design Expo we were intrigued to hear about an independent coffee shop in North London whose owner is championing a new ‘disloyalty scheme’.

He’s offering a free coffee whenever you buy a drink from one of his independent competitors. Seems odd right? But no, anything to support his fellow small proprietors and keep customers away from those well-known coffee chains. This type of community spirit is thriving in pockets up and down the country and independents are finding novel ways to stick together – so the question is… is it time for the big boys to get worried?



Sean Dwyer

Enjoying the fresh ‘eir’ in Ireland

We’ve been really wowed by Ireland’s biggest brand transformation in 20 years, which comes from the country’s main telecoms provider.

The brand previously known as Eircom has undergone a full revamp to become the much simpler ‘eir’ with a brand new identity.

With the strapline ‘Live life on eir’ the new brand is simpler, bolder and more vibrant, with a warmer, more human tone of voice and clever word play to go with it.

Consistently translated through all channels from ATL to livery to packaging, there’s also a new store concept in Dublin. Clearly zoned into discovery and service areas, the feel is clean and airy (or should that be ‘eiry’?), giving the graphics maximum impact.

The overall result is a super bold brand that’s memorable and playful, and with a ‘mobile-first’ approach to its new identity, can stride confidently into the future.





Images courtesy of movingbrands.com


Sean Dwyer

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