Amazon Fresh – thumbs up, thumbs down?


So Amazon Fresh launches its assault on the UK this month, providing Londoners in 69 postcodes with an online supermarket shopping alternative. Fresh, frozen, grocery and household… one hour delivery slots… prices on branded goods benchmarked against the Big 5. So far, so supermarket. So what makes it different?

Firstly, it’s only available to Amazon Prime members who will need to pay an additional monthly fee of £6.99 (in addition to the yearly £79 Prime membership) to become an Amazon Fresh member. For that privilege, you’ll get unlimited home deliveries on basket spends over £40, while under £40 will incur a £3.99 charge. That might seem steep, but if you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you’ll get a free 30-day trial which might be enough to convert you if the rest of the offering stacks up.

And what about the rest of the offering? Well, top marks will surely be given to the same-day delivery service – orders placed before 1pm can be delivered by 11pm that night, perfect for last minute dinner (or late night snacking?!) and a sure draw for on-the-go city dwellers. Amazon Fresh promises 130,000 lines, which include all the big brands, alongside Morrisons own brand. But for London – a city with a foodie culture that’s practically a religion – the real clincher might be the delivery of goods from independents and artisans like Borough Market, Konditor & Cook, Gail’s and Pizza Pilgrims.

Tempting? Here’s what we think at Whippet Towers…

“For sure I’d try it.  I like their service, they always do new things well”

“I prefer to go the shops so I don’t shop online. I like to see the offers in the supermarket and decide when I’m there”

“Big tick from me on the same delivery service. Shame I’m not in the catchment area!”

“The cost is prohibitive. I’ve got no incentive to swap from Ocado, But on the odd occasion, I might shop there for the artisan offering, which looks awesome”

“Why would I pay £6.99 for my delivery when every other supermarket is free?’

“As much as I love Pizza Pilgrims, I’m not an Amazon Prime member so having to spend £79 plus £6.99 is a bit steep. I’ll stick to my local supermarket”

So, it seems the jury’s out…



Sean Dwyer

Passport… tickets… mobile

This week sees the launch of our in-store campaign for Tesco Mobile’s new free roaming proposition, Home from Home. It gives customers the freedom to use their phone in 31 countries this summer without the worry of a big bill when they return. We’ve created all in-store collateral including some exciting theatre ideas, as well as fun staff engagement to get the Tesco team behind it. Look out for it in a Tesco near you!




Sean Dwyer

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