We help M&S raise the steaks in beef traceability


M&S has long been known for the quality of their food, but the incredible lengths they go to to source the absolute best is a story unlike any other.

They’re the only national retailer that can, in fact, trace all their beef not just to the farm, but to the very animal it came from. And this provenance claim is something they can apply to every single product that contains beef, from stock to lasagne to steaks.


We worked with M&S to tell this compelling story of reassurance, quality and trust with a bold in-store campaign: ’We trace it so you can trust it’. With the beautifully shot premium photography M&S is known for, and compelling and direct copy, the campaign cuts straight to the quick to communicate this powerful and unique message.

Touchpoints include windows, freestanding display units, shelf edge barkers and wobblers. The campaign runs nationwide in every store throughout summer 2018 and is accompanied by radio, press and TV.



Sean Dwyer