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• Campaign design

• POS creation

• Copywriting

Putting the thrill into value

BHS wanted to convey their always-on value for ‘brilliant basics’: their everyday essentials with unexpected high quality.

They asked us to design a communication treatment that would translate the ATL campaign into the store environment, across all touchpoints from window to shelf.

A concept of two halves

The campaign solution ‘Thrills, No Frills’ conveys the idea that the simple things can often give the most pleasure. For this, we concepted a range of graphic treatments which visually play on the juxtaposition of these two ideas: the exciting thrill of getting a great value product.

Mindful of the key demographic of busy, aspirational, stylish mums, our solution was designed to reflect value in a mid-market, more premium way.

We also explored supporting copylines that heroed the three pillars of value, quality and range.

The result was a striking campaign that took BHS into new and surprising territory.