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Christmas deluxe for Iceland

Christmas is every retailer’s biggest campaign of the year, and when it comes to supermarkets, the competition is fierce. With a recently launched luxury range that had a number of new and exciting additions, Iceland wanted to raise the bar for Christmas 2017. Their media plan was more ambitious than ever before, with outdoor booked across scores of sites nationwide and two different premium inserts going into weekend papers that included the broadsheets. The challenge to us? Create a campaign that would change perceptions, gain cut through and make Iceland front of mind for customers looking for a luxury Christmas, without the luxury price tag.

Premium-ising the product

Product photography was shot under our direction to convey premium quality and appetite appeal for key products. The two 16 page inserts (one in November, one in December) took an editorial approach under the theme of ‘entertaining’ in the first issue and ‘the big day’ in the second.

For the eight OOH executions, the photography was brought together with a warm and playful copy concept that used speech to convey remarks that might be made by either the host or the guest as the dish was presented.

Yes, it’s Iceland!

With much of the public mistaking the campaign for a well-known premium food retailer, it’s fair to say we certainly helped Iceland deliver on their Christmas ambitions this year.