• Brand architecture review

• Brand guidelines

• Tone of voice

• Design and communications

Creating a brand to help educate children about food

The Tesco Eat Happy Project is a long-term initiative to encourage children to have a better relationship with food. Working with schools, parents and youth groups, children can learn where their food comes from, how it gets from Farm to Fork and how to cook healthy and nutritious meals.

We helped The Tesco Eat Happy Project define their brand, and as their below-the line-agency, create all their printed brand collateral, from children’s activity books and recipe cards to teacher packs, posters and ads. We also act as their ongoing brand guardian.

Building a brand from the ground up

We started with an audit of the current brand architecture, which had become confused with the addition of new sub brands, logos and initiatives. With this in mind, we then reviewed the brand guidelines, and then set new guiding principles for design, icons, tone of voice, communications hierarchy and photography.

Defining our audiences

The Tesco Eat Happy Project is unique in having three different audiences – children, teachers and parents. We’ve created a clear definition for each keeping one thing consistent: a sense of fun for fresh, engaging yet educational comms.

Reaching the 1 million mark!

Our work has contributed to 1 million children having an Eat Happy Project experience – a huge success for which we designed and rolled out a celebratory campaign.