• Messaging hierarchy

• Conceptual development

• Creative copy writing

• Campaign strategy

Creative Communication Strategy

Value is always more than price

What does ‘great value’ mean nowadays? Ask a customer and the reply will no longer be simply, “a low price”. Instead it’s a myriad of things – quality, service, expertise, after-sales… subtly working together to constitute the whole.  But in the highly competitive technology and electricals market, how do you communicate this successfully – and consistently – to stay front of fickle customers’ minds?

We work with Dixons Carphone to do just that, helping them increase their value perception and articulate their brand proposition for both Currys PC World and Dixons Travel, across a range of strategic projects.

Creating disruption with bold price messaging

A strong brand proposition needs strong communication to support it, so when Currys PC World launched their new price comparison app, they wanted to leave customers in no doubt that they had the lowest prices around. Our solution was a copy treatment that stopped customers in their tracks with an arresting headline, followed by a simple CTA in the secondary line. A confident and arresting tone with just a touch of irreverence set the scene for a campaign that went from in store to above the line.

  • Capturing customers in transit

    Dixons Travel operates in the unique and challenging airport environment where customers are transient and purchases more likely to be impulsive than planned. So beating the prices of their three main competitors – and discounting double the difference – is a compelling brand proposition worth shouting about. But how to create enough cut through to compel customers to ‘buy right now’? First, we worked out a robust messaging hierarchy that would allow flexibility to get the message across in both long and short form depending on the canvas. We kept the copy straightforward and unambiguous to achieve maximum impact and to allow for non-English speaking customers. Alongside this, we reviewed the hierarchy of the entire in-store comms suite, ensuring our new message was set at just the right volume to be most effective.