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A big brand turnaround

In one of the biggest retail branding projects of its time, we were brought in to help turn Coles supermarkets around. We’re now the lead brand design agency, managing every aspect of their identity for the core brand and all its services – across all channels. We’ve plenty to shout about when it comes to the work we’ve done for them, but here’s a snapshot…

Core brand identity

We’ve recently reviewed how the Coles logo is used to come up with a bolder, more graphic approach. After a thorough audit of all customer touchpoints, our solution involved enlarging the logo and cropping it at the edges, giving it much more impact and a fresher, contemporary feel across press, outdoor media and store communications. This new treatment now appears across all press ads, outdoor media and store communications. And with our guidelines and templates, the Coles internal design studio can now easily keep the brand consistent, wherever it appears.

Fresh produce uplift

Coles asked us to develop a new visual language for fresh produce to create a more welcoming experience for customers. Our design gave the feel of a market, bringing quality and home-grown provenance to the fore with storytelling and illustration. The mood is warm, friendly and eclectic, helping to reassure customers about quality, while enabling them to better understand unusual food types and different cuts of meat on offer.

Concept store launch campaign

Coles’ fantastic new concept store needed a strong campaign to tell Australia just how great it was. Making sure our approach was truly multichannel, we gave them a strong statement headline and a quality market feel visually.

Launch of Coles Financial Services

When Coles expanded into financial services, they needed to gain customer trust quickly and asked us to help. We developed the brand identities for the entire suite: home insurance, car insurance and credit card, keeping one eye on where the brand might extend in the longer term. We retained the gravitas of the master brand in terms of name and logo, and created a range of fun characters to inject personality and warmth.