• Review & rationalisation

• EDLP communication

• Design principles

• Messaging hierarchy

• Guidelines

• Staff engagement

The price is right: communicating value

In the competitive world of grocery, it’s crucial to communicate price and value clearly to customers. To make sure theirs was doing the job, Tesco recently asked us to review and rationalise their current suite of comms, and redesign where needed.

Keeping it simple

Price and value should be communicated as simply as possible to allow cut through for customers. It should also be easy to implement for staff. With these two things in mind, we rationalised all their offer messages, brought in a new hierarchy, recommended principles on pricing and promotion communications and established colours, fonts and new grids. Central to Tesco’s brand identity is the ‘ping’. Always the bearer of good news, it highlights price and value. It’s designed to attract attention, so in a somewhat bold move, we recommended they crop it; giving even more standout to price. Finally, we ran a series of inter-agency workshops to make sure all who work with the Tesco brand understood the purpose of the new comms and how to implement them.

We took it to Central Europe

Tesco also asked us to look at pricing and promotional comms across Central Europe. We visited stores in the territory and used Czech Republic as a best practice example, where we interviewed stakeholders and researched competitors. Along with the UK deliverables, we also incorporated Shelf Edged Labels, as well a big portfolio of ideas for staff engagement.

  • The results were nothing short of fantastic.  In customer research:
    85% of respondents said the new price labels were more transparent and clear.
    87% said they conveyed price information better.
    And 86% said they were more legible.

    Happy customers.  And a happy client too.