• Visual identity

• Asset & toolkit creation

• Language & tone of voice

• Guidelines

Striking the right note for a brand

Audio Network offers a digital library of composed production music to the creative industriesThey approached us for a rebrand with a brief to give consistency and credibility, while capturing the passion and knowledge of their business.

Easy to identify, easy to navigate

We began with a review of not only competitors but also ‘best in show’ in the digital space. With a central thought of ‘great music made simple’, we created a strong visual framework that put music at its core. We gave each genre of music a collage that was sympathetic to its type.

Bringing consistency

These brand elements were rolled out across all touchpointsincluding web, digital, press, exhibitions, brochures and giveaways. The end result is a coherent and consistent brand identity with a striking personality, and a simple set of guidelines to go forward.