• Campaign creation

• Key visual generation

• In-store activation

• POS design

Telling the truth about your toothbrush

When Colgate approached us to help them promote their entire toothbrush offering in stores, we knew only the truth would persuade customers to change their habits. We hooked onto the fact that the longer you keep your toothbrush, the more it becomes a bacteria breeding ground.

Welcome to the Germ Hotel

This was a germ of an idea we took back to Colgate to develop their interactive in-store campaign. By encouraging customers to change their brush more frequently we could help Colgate in their battle against tooth decay.

Bringing the germs to life

Our experience working with Coles and our knowledge of the channels available made it easier to bring the message to life both in stores and online. And the germ characters we created to live in our toothbrush hotel lent themselves perfectly to a whole host of additional activation ideas including collectables, standees, giveaways and online games.