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Amazon 4-star Store What Would Whippet Do?

Amazon’s 4-star store undoubtedly sparks intrigue. Whether that be from name-fame or answering a real consumer-need, a retail space is an interesting concept for the instant-purchase giant. Although there was a lot to love, we saw a number of data-enriching, creative award-winning opportunities that were missed. So, we took a step back and asked ourselves, if it was our brief – What Would Whippet Do?

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Diversification Desperation

The in-store experience is slowly falling from customer view. We explore how retailers are diversifying to attract customers in store. From long covid counselling to real estate expansion – discover who is behind some of the most brilliant (and at times, bizarre) retailer diversifications.

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The heart of the community

We take a look at how retailers are shifting their focus from simply ‘selling’ to serving and supporting communities, with a new-found respect for the space they occupy.

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