we’re whippet.

We’re creatives, designers, writers, thinkers, movers and shakers, musers and makers. Down-to-earth, brand-obsessed, with a passion for retail and a dedication to getting results that count.

Having offices on each side of the world means we’ve got a global perspective, with insight, inspiration and experience coming first-hand from both. It also means we can work easily with partners anywhere – our clients range from the States to Asia, and Europe to Oceania.

But it doesn’t matter where in the world you are; if you’re a brand with a communication challenge, we’ll help to solve it, with intelligent thinking and creative solutions that hit the mark – and help the bottom line.

With big ideas and little egos, we speak honestly, communicate simply and challenge you to think differently… always with the customer firmly in mind.

If you want to make a change, you need a creative agency that knows how to bring about that change.

We’re Whippet. We’re change-makers.

why us?

We think like the customer thinks.

It’s our philosophy… and it works. Only by understanding customer mindsets and their motivations can we help brands connect more effectively with the people that matter.

We get retail. We get brands.

And we play the long game. When clients work with us, we find they stay with us. Some of them have been with us since we started… and we think that says a lot.

We’re down to earth.

We don’t swagger. We’re not arrogant. We don’t play at being the ‘big agency’ in the room. Making your brand more effective is the one simple reason we come to work.

We make things easy.

Our clients love working with us because we challenge, but we’ll always listen. When we say we’re going to do something, we do it, and we do it right. But while we take the work seriously, we take ourselves less so; after all, we like a laugh… just like you.

our people.


Sean Dwyer

Principal and Creative Director ldn.


Myrtle Doyle

Client Services Director ldn.


Jos Canavan

Senior Account Director ldn.


Steve Stoner

Founder & Principal Director


Adam Rafferty

Client Services Director mlb.


Tod O’Reilly

Creative Director mlb.


Lauren Hughes

Operations Manager mlb.


Matt Coghlan

Design Director mlb.


Bec Williams

Design Director mlb.