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Equipping an outdoor brand for everyday success

Anaconda approached us to help enhance their reputation as Australia’s largest camping, adventure and sports superstore. We stripped down the brand and rebuilt the design assets to create a bolder and more consistent visual identity, one which could flex to different requirements and was easier to implement by Anaconda’s internal studio.

A foundation of the new brand design was the new price-point lockup. As the graphic device with the most repeated use – and the one carrying the most important information – we gave it instant visual association with the brand, kept it simple, and built in the flexibility to enable effective use in all channels.


“We appointed Whippet to work on Anaconda after a competitive pitch. We really liked their thinking and their unique approach to retail. They got to the essence of what we were looking for and rolled it out effectively. In fact, we decided to give them the Spotlight business because of the work they did on Anaconda. They have that unique ability to understand both business objectives and creativity.”

Jono Gelfand

former General Manager Marketing, Anaconda


The project covered


Visual identity | Design asset creation | Brand guidelines | Brand audit | Brand guardianship | Press design
| Catalogue Design

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