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Helping AusPost deliver for small business

As one of the country’s biggest supporters of small business, Australia Post was keen to share some expertise and make things easier for businesses starting out, particularly when it came to the packaging and sending side of things. Thanks to our proven track record of delivering highly effective in-store comms, Australia Post tasked Whippet with developing a compelling POS suite to guide fledgling businesses on the path to success.

The POS suite we were to develop was to be rolled out across a few key Post Offices as a pilot, so our designers visited several Post Offices and examined the potential canvas available. We knew it was important for our small business POS to be complementary to the broader store environment – we wanted to catch the eye of small business owners without dominating the store. Once we had mapped out the potential canvas, we began devising options for how we could bring our POS to life. We also spoke with a number of small business owners to better refine our understanding of their needs and pain points.

With our general approach signed off by Australia Post, we got to work creating a unique visual style to delineate Australia Post’s Business offering from its consumer offering. Once this visual treatment was approved, we began getting down to the nuts and bolts of creating the various pieces, from posters to brochures, clever shelf-level pieces and more. Thanks to our research, we were able to populate our brochures with lots of genuinely useful, insightful tips to help businesses that are starting out to save considerable time and money.

We’re pleased to say that the feedback from both Post Office store teams and customers has been emphatically positive, and so too have the numbers. All in all, our in-store assets drove a big uplift in MyPost Business awareness, with an average increase of 15 new registrations per store during the pilot, equating to an ROI of 1:24.4. As a small business ourselves, we were thrilled with these results – not just for our client, but also for the small businesses around the country that we’ve been able to play a small role in helping to grow.


The project covered


Visual identity | POS design & communication | Copywriting | Brand extension 

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