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Banijay Branded Entertainment

Lights, camera, motion

Banijay approached us with a blockbuster challenge. For the launch of its brand entertainment division, it needed a premium identity that spoke to its core values while still feeling fiercely independent and approachable. The brief was simple: ‘We want a monogram and we want it monochromatic.’ For our debut in the media and entertainment sector, we brought Banijay Branded Entertainment (BBE) to life. 


Drawing inspiration from luxury fashion houses, we crafted a monogram logo that merged ‘BBE’ to create a three-dimensional box. The bold logo evolved into an ownable pattern that has become a key asset throughout. Combining this with our minimalistic approach to the colour palette also allows BBE to shine while letting the content be the main focus.


Building on its already strong and well-recognised name, we developed a clear strategy and positioning statement, tone of voice and brand pillars that allowed BBE to stay true to its roots. We transformed its ‘storymaking’ credentials into a strapline that conveyed exactly what it stands for: ‘Crafted stories. Passionately told.’ 


As a digital industry, we knew agility would be key for BBE’s socials to work. That’s why our plug-and-play templates ensure that the brand can deliver first-class content that’s as reactive as its clients are.


So from concepts to positioning to strategy to social and beyond, we crafted this story and told it as passionately as possible. Now, it’s time for some quiet on set.


“There was such a rich story to tell with this project. Creating a brand that stayed true to its origins yet felt fresh was a challenge we loved, and our clients couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Benjamin Hutchings

Senior Designer

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