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Bensons for Beds

Creating order in a house of brands 

Bensons for Beds came to us with a brand architecture quandary: a house of sub-brands which had grown over time to include many collections, with little differentiation between them and lacking in individual brand identities.


The brief to us was threefold:

1. rationalise the system of names

2. articulate each collection and the products within it

3. create brand identities for each


We started by addressing the name of each collection within the good, better and best tiering, rationalising each one’s association to the masterbrand and making recommendations fitting to its place in the hierarchy. We then took the products within each collection, renaming those that needed modernising and making them more consistent as a set. Finally, we positioned each with a tagline and descriptor to make the benefits really clear.


We created mini brand identities for each collection with a more contemporary look and feel that aligned to the new masterbrand identity, each one with its own typeface, colour palette and graphical elements.


The end result? A clearer brand architecture with collections that are modern and easier to shop, helping customers choose the right product for their needs and budget. Now that’s what we call getting a house in order.

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