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Showing Customers the Value of Coles Express

Coles Express had kickstarted new value-focused initiatives for their customers, from the introduction of Urban Coffee Culture to upgrading the look and layout of stores and refreshing key value indicators. To put power behind these improvements, they needed the promotional messaging in their POS to say it loud and clear. Our task was to create a design style that stayed true to the Coles Express brand, while being distinct from the supermarket style. It had to grab attention, and communicate the right balance of price and quality at all levels of messaging.

We developed a design scheme to target customers with the right messages at each stage of their shopping journey. This would help them make a considered purchase, while enhancing their perception of Coles Express value. A more restrained approach allowed the product qualities, especially in Food To Go, to shine through. This treatment was clear and benefit-led, following a new messaging hierarchy.

We took away the clutter around price and specials, to allow Coles Express offers to stand out clearly, giving the products a chance to show their quality. We created a ‘personality font’ to communicate product benefits in an authentic, friendly way.

Whippet used fresh food photography and the monochromatic background to create visual quality cues to support the new Coles Express messaging, and developed a suite of brand assets and a handbook that would ensure the Coles Express team could create new POS design within these refreshed guidelines.

CEXP_Desktop_Mobile_Secondary_Image_Large_2560 x 1340_edited.jpg

“Whippet understood and delivered excellently on our brief to shift customer perception of our brand in store, through bringing to life the many ways we deliver value for our customers. They found the balance between retaining Coles brand cues whilst creating an identity suited to the convenience retail mission.

Customer response has been very positive, with more customers now able to recall seeing messages related to our value proposition than prior to the change.”

Tracy Hammon
Marketing Manager, Brand and Campaigns – Coles Express

CEXP_Desktop_Mobile_Tertiary_Image_Left_1488 x 1310_edited.jpg

The project covered


Visual identity | Brand guidelines | Point of sale design | Design asset creation

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