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A long and loyal partnership

We were responsible for producing the seasonal flybuys magazine, browsed by up to 3 million members each quarter. A key driver for rewards redemption, we saw it from its humble beginnings as a two-page DL catalogue to a stylish, fully-fledged 16-page magazine, managing its production end-to-end, including organising photography and creating content, as well as layout, artworking and dispatch.


“We recently worked with the team at Whippet to help us define and develop a personalised Employer Brand for flybuys. The concept of “find your place” has been a huge shift for not only us as an employer, but is unique in the industry. We are receiving amazing feedback, an increase in the quality of applications, and are incredibly grateful for the support and vision from the team at Whippet had to help us bring this to life.”

Edan Haddock

Talent Manager, flybuys


The project covered


Through-the-line campaign development | Design asset creation

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