Fresh, sustainable branding is on the menu for Fishworks

We’re super-excited to see our branding come to life in Fishworks’ new Covent Garden restaurant.

Taking them from traditional to contemporary – from the ocean-inspired colour palette to the premium-feel menu – the new identity blends three things Fishworks is known for: freshness, enthusiasm and authority. And it’s all brought together with our line, ‘From sea to plate with passion.’

We designed the artisan-style logo to reflect their expertise, incorporating subtle curves to mimic the sea. In addition, we created flexible sub-brands for the various areas of their business, from the front-of-store fishmonger to the wine merchant inside, so each could continue to thrive and evolve as they move forward.

Customers will order from beautifully tactile foil-blocked menus, containing evocative stories about freshness and provenance. They’ll see patterns based on abstract ocean topographies. And they’ll buy fish from the fish counter wrapped in beautiful branded bags. All the while enjoying everything one of London’s best seafood restaurants has to offer.

We look forward to seeing it roll out across their other venues and channels too. As clients go, they’re quite a catch.

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