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Holland & Barrett

Bringing wellness to everyone

A ‘well-kept secret’ by its own admission, Holland & Barrett came to us with the ambition to broaden its appeal and make wellness more inclusive. We developed a completely new brand identity for them.

Translating the brand’s core strengths into strategic pillars, we applied them to a full visual and verbal identity kit. We also rationalised and reset their communication framework, in turn making their stores simpler and easier to shop.

The refreshed brand identity came to life in the all-new Chelmsford store to resounding customer feedback, before rolling out nationwide.

H&B Poster update Oct 23.jpg

“With their consistently strong strategic and creative solutions, instinctive knowledge and close collaboration, Whippet have helped transform us into a modern, accessible wellness provider. We’re delighted!"

Lara Purcell,
Marketing Director

Holland and Barrett

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