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An Iconic evolution for Keells

A few short years ago, Whippet helped Keells in Sri Lanka evolve into the modern, progressive supermarket brand it is today. This hugely successful brand transformation formed the basis of an ongoing relationship that has now seen us work on several other key projects for Keells. The latest was to ensure the brand maintains its  newfound position as the leader of supermarket innovation in Sri Lanka. Dubbed ‘Iconic’, this project tasked Whippet with developing a blueprint for a fleet of premium stores to go in select suburbs around Sri Lanka. Not only were these new stores to offer a more premium selection, they were also to serve as innovation centres for the broader Keells fleet.


“We have from day one, appreciated your humbleness and genuine willingness to help us grow our brand. This has helped to build a very healthy relationship. So, when we looked to the next phase of the iteration, either in changing the packaging or the “Iconic project” we had no hesitation in reaching out to you.

What was launched in this iteration is as big or even bigger than what we did together in 2017. It has helped us leap frog against the current competition.”


Charitha Subasinghe

President – Retail

at John Keells Holdings PLC


The project covered


Visual identity | Brand guidelines | Point of sale design | Design asset creation

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