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Our festive retail round-up is here…

We don’t know about you, but we’re starting to get in the Christmas spirit. After a busy 2022 ‘tis the season to start winding down with a mince pie (or two) and take a look at all the festivities on the high street.

From eye-catching designs to bold typography to Noël-inspired palettes – it’s certainly been a Christmas to remember. So, sit back, have a glass of fizz and read on for our Christmas round-up.

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The 4 Cs of Killer POS Copy

Have you ever walked into a shop and felt completely lost? A lack of signage, unclear messaging or an overwhelming amount of clutter could leave you wandering the aisles, fed-up and flustered, in search of that elusive ingredient on your shopping list (what aisle do they keep the breadcrumbs anyway?)

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What makes a customer tick?

Someone walks into a store. Maybe they buy something. Or just browse. Or they come in with a list and leave with a basket full of impulse buys.

Want to know why? Here are five things that make a customer tick and will make or break an effective retail experience.

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Designing beer without the booze

When it comes to zero-alcohol drinks we’ve gone well beyond the lemon-lime-bitters. Consumers want to enjoy their favourite alcoholic beverages without the alcohol. Beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, all booze-free.

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Amazon 4-star Store What Would We Do?

Amazon’s 4-star store undoubtedly sparks intrigue. Whether that be from name-fame or answering a real consumer need, retail space is an interesting concept for the instant-purchase giant. Although there was a lot to love, we saw a number of data-enriching, creative award-winning opportunities that were missed. So, we took a step back and asked ourselves, if it was our brief – What Would We Do?

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Diversification Desperation

The in-store experience is slowly falling from customer view. We explore how retailers are diversifying to attract customers in store. From long covid counselling to real estate expansion – discover who is behind some of the most brilliant (and at times, bizarre) retailer diversifications.

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The heart of the community

We take a look at how retailers are shifting their focus from simply ‘selling’ to serving and supporting communities, with a new-found respect for the space they occupy.

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The new reality of retail

The line between digital and physical is becoming increasingly blurred, but the opportunity for retailers has never been clearer. We look at how AI and Machine Learning are reshaping reality, and as a result, highlight the need for retailers to harness innovative tech to make their overall brand experiences better – or as Zuckerberg puts it, META.

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