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Raising a glass to a classic brand

A cornerstone Wesfarmers brand with a strong Coles association, Liquorland had varied its brand approach over the years without truly hitting on a winning formula. Whippet were approached to explore new brand identities and design directions plus link the liquor retailer to Coles Supermarkets more closely.

Embracing the principles of UK retailer Tesco’s famous tagline, we thoroughly examined every aspect of Liquorland’s brand design actvity and identified a long list of improvements to make. These ranged from easy fixes in stores to thorny brand identity issues in advertising. Step by step we worked to rationalise and consolidate the brand design so that the customer experience from advertising through to store was consistent and effective.

Whippet also worked to expand the brand into a new store format with Liquorland Warehouse. Whippet’s responsibility was to ensure that customers clearly understood the great value available from the compelling new ‘big box’ approach. With a bold use of colour, strong and simple ‘value’ messages and a clear, logical graphics style we made sure that Liquorland Warehouse delivered on it’s promise of ‘Massive range, lowest prices’.

This reassessment of the brand also gave us the opportunity to explore store and communications ideas for potential future Liquorland stores, ranging from new graphic communication approaches and improved navigation, through to alternative customer engagement ideas.


The project covered


Visual identity | Logo design | POS design & communication | Tone of voice | Integrated campaign | Brand extension | Brand guidelines | Brand guardianship

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