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M&S Archive

Making a colourful past pop 

M&S is woven into the very fabric of the UK. The M&S Archive is a rich experience that walks customers through the brand’s history, right back to its very beginning in 1884. The permanent exhibition, which was created a decade ago, felt a little dated and was in need of a refresh. We were selected as the best agency to tell it's unique story through a shiny new identity. 


Centred on our vision - to be a colourful curator - we created a bold, powerful new aesthetic, inspired by abstract contemporary art. Through an interactive timeline, we mapped out the journey, taking customers right back to humble beginnings. 


In celebration of the vibrant past of M&S, we introduced bold splashes of colour blocking to highlight our different zones, cut-out photography to add depth, as well as new graphical elements to aid in navigation and make key messages pop. 


A refined, clean and modern logo brought it all together. With a clearly-defined messaging hierarchy and refreshing TOV, we welcomed the world in and invited people to explore, discover, interact and immerse themselves in the story. This is a truly special exhibition space that captivates and celebrates all that M&S is.

M&S Archive stills updates4.jpg
M&S Archive stills4.jpg
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M&S Archive stills14.jpg
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M&S Archive stills19.jpg
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M&S Archive stills23.jpg