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Spotlighting the power of data at M&S

Like any modern business, M&S depends on the smart use of its internal data. When it decided to unite its data capabilities into a single unit, we were asked to create a new brand: one that would champion the team and give it a consistent, inspirational presence within the business. 


Through workshops, we helped our client to find a new name: BEAM. This evokes the team’s ability to highlight vital data, and also the way that its work serves as a guiding light for M&S as a whole. We also created a bold, yellow-on-purple logo to emphasise the theme of illumination.


As BEAM gained traction, we further evolved the brand — developing  typography, a dedicated colour palette, iconography and more. We also created a “forward slash” visual device, based on the “A” in the logo, that allows each of BEAM’s divisions to have their own mark and dedicated colour. This also nods to the teams’ focus on data and coding.


With the creation of BEAM Academy, M&S started to run live events — including coaching, hackathons and training sessions. Alongside a new logo for the program, we developed clear rules for branding these events, including a simple tagline to underscore BEAM’s role: “Powered by BEAM”. And as with all our branding projects, we gave our client clear, practical guidelines to help them use their new identity.


Now BEAM has a distinct, flexible brand that evokes its mission: helping 65,000 M&S colleagues to play a part in its digital transformation.


"We’re really proud of this project. We created a strong, consistent brand for our client, and gave them the tools and knowledge to carry the identity forward, whatever the future holds."

Daniel Clatworthy
Senior Designer, 

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