Bigger, better, fresher - a new M&S Food for a new era

With an ambition to broaden its appeal and become more relevant, more often to more customers, M&S started an ambitious store renewals programme in 2019. We were appointed to create the entire new look and feel, with the first new concept store opening in Hempstead Valley, Kent, and Clapham, South West London quickly following.

“The mind of a supermarket, and the soul of a fresh market” was our brief, and with an increased number of products and floor space doubled for fresh produce, ambient, bakery and frozen, we were able to let loose with our creativity.

We’ve treated every department in the store independently, with a visual treatment tailored specifically to each to give an eclectic look, overall. Lower fixtures mean lower sight-lines, which we were able to take advantage of with bigger, bolder perimeter messaging and striking visual graphics, in materials like slatted wood and neon lights.

Spreading the word

Hempstead Valley and Clapham also saw ambitious local area marketing campaigns, with outdoor media space including railway stations, bus shelters, 48 and 6 sheets, local newspaper cover wraps and in-shopping centre media – for which we designed all creative.

Amazing success, and new renewals on the way

Within the first fortnight of trading, the new store at Hempstead Valley saw an increase of 46% increase in value of sales, 60% increase in volume of products sold and the bakery department tripled its sales.

Look out, as more stores are on the way.

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