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M&S Sparks

Loyalty with extra sparkle

When M&S relaunched their long-running loyalty scheme, Sparks in 2020, we were commissioned to create an all-new ‘digital-first’ identity. Moving away from its previous points-based proposition with new benefits never seen before in a loyalty card, the vision was to showcase it as ‘the most exciting programme on the high street.’ 


And so the Sparks you know and love was born. We created the iconic eye-catching logo with its distinctive and dynamic ‘a’. Starting with a new strapline ‘Good things happen every time you shop – we set all the language and terminology to ensure the new scheme was communicated consistently and in just the right tone. We also created a suite of hand-drawn icons to help communicate each benefit of the proposition, with a colour palette that sits comfortably across all departments. 


As the brand has evolved and broadened to include a number of new propositions,

we’ve continued the creative journey, crafting communications for Scan & Shop, Sparks Live and a number of campaigns. In 2022, we completed a brand refresh and created a new set of guidelines to keep everything aligned and consistent.


“From initial strategic thinking to creative execution, Whippet had a brilliant grasp of our customer, what would excite them and ultimately make them convert.”

Danielle Papagapiou,
Head of Loyalty


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