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5 minutes with Bec Williams, Whippet Creative Group Head

With its popular ‘A Festival of You’ brand platform, Priceline Pharmacy has always had the needs of Australian women at its heart. After recent nationwide research conducted by YouGov revealed more than two in five Australian women aged 40+ feel somewhat invisible, especially, and somewhat ironically, in advertising and marketing in the beauty and wellness segment, Priceline responded with a campaign that celebrates the journey of ageing.

As Priceline Pharmacy head of marketing, Gabby Tully said, “We want people to feel empowered to be their best selves, to feel represented and appreciated for who they are, to celebrate their individuality and give space for their voices to be heard. This latest instalment in our Festival of You positioning spotlights women who feel invisible and celebrates ageing positively, together. We want all Australians to feel heard, valued and seen when they visit one of our 470+ Priceline Pharmacy stores across the country for the campaign period and beyond.”

We spent 5 minutes with Bec, to discuss the evolution and insights behind the campaign.

Priceline Pharmacy Autumn TVC

We knew from Priceline’s research that as a woman approaches 40+, they see themselves represented less and less in the media each passing year – especially within beauty. It was disappointing to see that woman of a certain age (and women in general) are largely shown in connection to ‘anti-ageing’ and ‘flaws’ to be covered up. We live in a society that is still obsessed with youth, and unfortunately there is still a certain stigma attached to older women being represented in media. Speaking from my own experience at 38, seeing positive representation of older women gives me a great sense of optimism for the future. It’s campaigns like this, from brands like Priceline that help to open up a conversation around positive ageing and shift the narrative towards the wisdom and character of women, rather than what they look like.

Priceline Pharmacy

Having ambassadors ChrissieSwan and Ita Buttrose at the helm of the “I’m Me” campaign brings the idea to life in a very real way. While Chrissie has been in the media spotlight for some time, her career has skyrocketed in her 40’s. And then of course, there’s Ita who is still a force to be reckoned with at 82. Both of whom, I consider to be really inspirational, and I’m sure the Priceline customer feels the same way.

No matter their age, all women have a unique statement to make about who they are – and I’m Me is a celebration of that.


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