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Consumers in 2023 will be certain about one thing - uncertainty

A research report by Accenture in mid 2022 found that instability and uncertainty is allowing consumers to be inconsistent as they juggle personal values with practical realities. The global uncertainty of a post Covid world, unrest in the Ukraine and other factors are driving consumers to revaluate what is important.

69% of consumers believe their irrational behaviour is not only acceptable but perfectly normal.

Consumers are genuinely changing their own habits and in turn are looking towards brands that have purpose, brands that are genuinely seen to be doing the right thing by the community and themselves. To keep pace with this change, companies will have to evolve quickly if they want to remain relevant.

Redefining a sense of purpose amid a backdrop of unstable external life forces opens the door to inconsistencies between what consumers believe or want and what they actually do.

As Accenture says, “It’s time for companies to move from customer centricity to life centricity.” Brands need to be true to their own purpose and not blindly segment their customers and sell to them. The complexity in this is that although customers values are high, their budgets aren’t getting bigger. So how do brands sell a philosophy in an environment where customers are focused on their back pocket? There are several brands taking this conundrum into their own hands…

Zero Co

Zero Co

On a mission to “untrash” the planet, Zero Co are leading the charge in ethical companies in Australia, delivering incredible personal-care and home-cleaning products without the single-use plastic, straight to your front door! How you might ask? Well, it all begins with your first Zero Co box order which will contain a set of ‘forever bottles’ made from ocean, beach and landfill waste, a set of refill pouches made from recycled plastic, and a postage-paid return mailer.

These reusable refill pouches are designed to be refilled and reused over and over again which means that with every refill, you are preventing the creation of one less single-use plastic bottle!

For those who are looking to start their Zero Co journey, the best-selling Essentials Starter Pack box contains 9 of the essential Zero Co products with enough do-goodies to supply 2 to 3 months for the average 4-person household.

Each order is delivered carbon-negative directly to your door, helping you win the war on waste in your very own home!

Modibodi - A $140 million success story

A total life changer for women everywhere and a leader in ethical brands Australia, Modibodi was founded to help women better manage their periods, sweat and incontinence in a more comfortable and dignified way, that is better for both their bodies and the environment.

Recently, Modibodi partnered up with PUMA to launch a range of leak-free period activewear and underwear that provides the right support for women on their period; so they can be more confident and comfortable as they achieve their athletic and daily goals while reducing their monthly waste from period products and leaving a positive impact on the environment.

The success of their model became apparent in July 2022, when the pioneer brand was acquired by Swedish hygiene and health company Essity in a deal worth $140 million.



After a decade of research and development, the #1 Australian eco baby care company Ecoriginals became the first brand to offer parents a genuine biodegradable alternative to traditional disposable nappies and wipes. Their nappies are made of natural breathable layers that will protect delicate skin and leave virtually no trace behind once used.

Companies like these are staying true to their beliefs and are out there in the market having an honest conversation about what is important to them. Their success is proof positive that when you are honest and transparent the consumer will be more open to transacting with you (and even spending a little more when they do!)


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