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Meet the Aussie women crushing the wellness world

Good health and wellness is continuing to have its day in the economic sun with the Global Wellness Summit projecting a 9.9% average annual growth that will see the wellness economy expected to reach nearly $7.0 trillion in 2025.

Predictably, such phenomenal figures have seen countless brands jumping into the growing market with seemingly unrelated products and services such as cars, real estate and credit cards trying to carve out a spot in the wellness industry. But this is where brands need to proceed with caution. Consumers are looking for brands who operate from a position of authenticity and integrity, so suddenly adopting wellness jargon such as ‘soothing’ or ‘natural’ along with a splash of green into your brand isn’t going to wash in this new era of wellness.

As the largest consumers in the world of wellness, women are demanding a more genuine approach from brands and retailers, which is why our most recent “I’m Me” work for Priceline Pharmacy, which celebrates age positivity and authenticity is resonating so powerfully with women.

Priceline’s connection with women is also evidenced instore, with brands from three of Australia’s most successful female wellness entrepreneurs taking centre stage on the shelves.

The Healthy Mummy

The Healthy Mummy

From a one-woman business founded in her kitchen 12 years ago, to a staggering $17 million deal with ASX-listed Halo Food Co, Rhian Allen is an inspiring example of the power of passion, energy and hard work.

Quitting a 12-year career in corporate media after becoming a new mum, Rhian’s own difficulties of getting healthy and regaining body confidence after having kids led her to create the Healthy Mummy program, which is now Australia’s biggest “mums only” healthy eating and weight loss program. And thanks to an exciting new partnership with Priceline, its phenomenal success continues to grow.

Healthy Mummy founder Rhian said, “We have listened to our customers’ requests to purchase our products in-store so this is a wonderful opportunity to provide them with greater access as well as introduce new customers to our best-selling products aimed to support the whole family, from pregnancy and breastfeeding products, nutrition supplements, healthy weight loss shakes, protein powders, healthy smoothies for children and even through to a newly launched nutrition range for men.”

Frank Body

Frank Body

Jess Hatzis and Bree Johnson are co-founders of frank body, an Australian-based beauty brand that has since its launch in 2013 has grown into a $20 million+ business, shipping product to over 149 countries.

The name Frank Body came from the notion of being frank about skin issues to deliver a product that is honest and natural. While Frank Body was initially entirely direct-to-consumer, the company has transitioned into to opening to brick-and-mortar retail channels.

As Bree said when speaking to Retail Beauty, the brand partnered with Priceline “for so many reasons”. “Firstly accessibility – we know our customer is busy so being able to pop into any one of the 400 Priceline doors, get her script filled, buy her other essentials and grab her new Everyday products is perfect.

We’ve also seen that pharmacy is having a moment lately and know that our beauty focused customers are looking to Priceline for their skincare and beauty needs at a more affordable price point.”

Face Halo

Face Halo

Face Halo launched in May 2017, changing the way the world removes makeup.

The brainchild of Lizzy Pike, Face Halo was born when Lizzy noticed “there was nothing in the beauty world that ticked all the boxes for removing makeup and for the body as well. Sustainability has always been a massive passion of mine, obviously looking after the planet, but looking after our skin as well. That led me towards creating Face Halo.”

In just a few short years, Face Halo has become the market leader dominating the market share in the four big Australian major retailers: Priceline, Myer, Coles and Woolworths.


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