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Our festive retail round-up is here…

It’s Christmaaasss!

We don't know about you, but we’re in the swing of all things Christmas. After a busy 2022 'tis the season to start winding down with a mince pie (or two) and take a look at all the festivities on the high street. From eye-catching designs to bold typography to Noël-inspired palettes - it’s certainly been a Christmas to remember. So, sit back, have a glass of fizz and read on for our Christmas round-up.

Marcus Loke - Unsplash

What we find during Christmas in campaigns - common themes

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of bling and the return of gold to the season’s designs is ever-present. Whether it’s premium typography, in-store window vinyls or strong POS, things are sparkling on the high street and in stores.

One thing we have noticed this year is a shift away from traditional colour combos like red and green. Rather than the classic pairing working together, there’s been a shift to singular colours being used in a modern way. Fenwick, for example, used green in a vibrant, fun and fresh way instead of sticking to the Christmas tree pine. However, when it’s done well e.g. Starbucks Christmas cups, menus and adverts, it makes for a cohesive, ownable and instantly recognisable campaign.

Traditional colours with a bright, modern twist / Starbucks

Another feature we have noticed is bold patterns, both geometric and Christmas-themed, making an appearance across the in-store environment. From ASDA to Boots to Co-op, there’s a great argument that these patterns help create standout from the traditional festivities. And, it also highlights that things don’t necessarily have to be Christmassy in order to be Christmassy.


The genius advert from ASDA this Christmas really helps sell the festivities in-store, with theatre moments and a variety of designs, colours and patterns across POS. Gold typography and patterns across a variety of formats added a real sense of fun yet luxurious details to the proceedings. A traditional red, gold and green colour scheme is fun but festive. This also translates to online and social, helping create a campaign that’s loud and proud about Christmas. In the current climate, ASDA has brought a family-friendly, fun and festive atmosphere to life. It’s loud, proud and unapologetically fun.

Theatre at every turn, with colours, patterns and festive fun / Whippet


Boots really went all out this year, creating a stylish yet approachable campaign for its customers. The strong use of greens and geometric patterns throughout the POS design on the textured paper background adds balance to a predominantly plastic product offering.

Red bauble roundels added cut-through contrast for pricing to build a visually appealing campaign. Contrary to other themes, they don’t use gold type across multiple formats - just the ‘Star Gifting’ range which helps add a premium feel to this offer. Visual merchandising dufaylite tree cutouts also bring the festivities to life in an environmentally friendly way.

A strong vibrant green in a fresh modern way / Whippet


As always, Selfridges created an iconic Christmas campaign, that was consistent and well-executed, brought to life through gold typography, eclectic patterns and impactful visual merchandising. Christmas pudding disco balls added a touch of fun to the store, as well as created theatre moments for the customer. Highlights for us were an immersive gift shop which took you on a real journey and selfie moments throughout the store added to the festivities. The headline font is supported with a decorative serif font that brings personality and a sense of fun to the comms throughout the store.

Christmas has never looked so fun / Whippet


It’s the most wonderful time of the year as we see our Christmas theme brought to life. From eye-catching designs to beautiful decorations, we’ve decked the aisles with a scheme filled with joy.

After the success of our glorious navy colour scheme from the previous two years, this rich backdrop provided the perfect blank canvas for luxe golds, sharp pinks and snow whites to work against. The Christmas Fairy’s spell cast inspiration in our campaign - giving a real sense of magic, shimmer and shine throughout. And our bespoke MS London Luxe font took centre stage, adding a premium look and feel to all designs. Our recognisable warm tone of voice, bold pricing and striking photography created a fun, festive look and feel for all.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals

After that, we think we deserve a well-earned mulled wine. What struck us when we took a deep dive into retail space at Christmas is the similarities and differences that come each year. It’s been an interesting approach to this year, particularly a shift away from tradition being the centre of attention. 

Of course, there are elements that will always remain. Red, green and gold, festive patterns and a sense of magic are vital parts of Christmas design. However, a modern approach to the festivities is here and it’s something we’re welcoming. Out with the old, in with the new - right?

From everyone at Whippet, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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