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It’s fab to be 40

With Priceline’s 40th birthday on the horizon, the Whippet and Priceline teams both wanted to have some fun and commemorate the brand’s impressive journey since the first store opened at Highpoint in 1982. 

Central to our thinking for this campaign was to keep true to Priceline’s brand platform ‘a festival of you’. It’s all too easy for brands to pat themselves on the back when doing Birthday celebrations so we really wanted this to be focussed on the customer as they’ve been serving them since 1982.

Brand ambassador Chrissie Swan was the perfect lead for this campaign as she’s a self-confessed Priceline fanatic and has grown up with them. Priceline has been there helping her with makeup decisions for as long as she can remember, it helped us create the campaign line, Helping you be you since ’82, both catchy and memorable.

The campaign kicked off with a launch TVC and we amplified the message through a national outdoor and social campaign. Given this was a celebration there needed to be plenty of other activity, pop up stores and even a pass the parcel digital competition thanks to our friends at Banter. The store got the full treatment as well as it needed to be a party. We made sure to let customers all around the country know that they were invited to join in because you only turn 40 once! 

Naturally, Priceline’s 40th had to have all the right decorations like balloons and streamers, but we also made sure to create a full party POS suite as well, from posters to security gate covers to digital screens and more to really bring the celebrations to life in store.

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“I can’t even express how thrilled I am with this Priceline commercial to kick start their [40th Birthday] campaign. It was absolute heaven to shoot – and it came up a TREAT. I reckon I have actually visited a Priceline store in every single one of these lewks over the last 40 years – what a great walk down memory lane. Nostalgia at its finest”. 

Chrissie Swan
Priceline Brand Ambassador

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