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Giving Aussies the skinny on a full-flavour,

low-carb beer

Our brief was simple: convince Aussies to try Skinny beer, a new low-carb lager from the UK. The only problem was that Aussies were already very familiar with low-carb beers – and many had already written them off as bland. Aussies simply didn’t believe that a low-carb beer could be as full on flavour. It was up to us to change that misperception. 

Despite having a very modest budget to work with, we knew we wanted to push our message as far and wide as possible. To do this, we first collaborated with the team at Skinny to develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, considering everything from competitors (of which there were many) to audience segmentation, TOV and the optimum channel mix. Together we decided the best way forward was to go big on social and target health-conscious drinkers, so that’s exactly what we did.

To create a Skinny social presence quickly and cost effectively, we developed a streamlined in-house process that covered shot planning, photography, retouching, animating and writing. This efficient process allowed us to capture a raft of fun and engaging content in a very short timeframe.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there was definitely such thing as free beer! We ran a competition where lucky winners received a slab of Skinny just for liking our photo and tagging their friends. Such an easy-to-enter mechanic saw hundreds of entries and plenty of free beer in the hands of thirsty fans.

To get our message out to health-conscious social drinkers, we contacted lifestyle influencers around the country and asked them if they’d be happy to spread the Skinny word to their huge fanbases. They were more than happy to oblige – all it took was a few boxes of Skinny beers.


The project covered


Social strategy | TOV creation | Community moderation | Competition management | Creative content development | Production | Photography | Animation | Copywriting 

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