Superdrug gets down with the trolls

Trolling and online bullying sucks; that’s something we can all agree on. But it’s an interesting challenge for brands with a strong social media presence… what is the best way to deal with it?

While brands like Hollister, Claire’s and Rimmel London (mainly those aimed at young people… especially women) have signed up to campaigns which educate about bullying and empower their customers – we think Superdrug may be the first to actually take on the bullies on an individual basis.

A more direct approach

From July this year, Superdrug has pledged to respond to any negative or hateful comments across all their social platforms with the following message:

At Superdrug we want our social spaces to be a positive experience for everyone. We won’t tolerate cyber bullying or unnecessary, hurtful comments. We’d like to ask that if you have nothing nice to say, that you don’t say anything at all. Please be kind to each other, and keep our comments section a safe space for everyone. #BeKind

This unusual move comes after the brand started noticing an upturn of negative comments, mainly centred around their showcasing of new makeup artists and bloggers.

The initiative is in partnership with the global anti-bullying organisation Ditch the Label, as well as key influencers Imogenation, Simone Powderly and Georgia Rankin.

Why we’re fans

While we’re totally behind any anti-bullying activity by retailers, we especially love this stance by Superdrug. They’re actively taking on the trolls in their own space; showing up a mirror to them. Putting the emphasis on their behaviour and telling them to stop – rather than educating victims on how to deal with it.

Do brands have a responsibility to actively protect their customers online? Where they seek out young, potentially vulnerable people to be their customers: yes they probably do, at some level. And Superdrug is showing how to do it: powerful, ballsy yet classy. Question is, will other brands follow suit?

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