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Tesco Mobile

Powering up supermarket mobile

Tesco Mobile has been a longstanding client of ours since 2007 when they approached us for a rebrand. As brand guardians. we live and breathe Tesco Mobile, and it’s our top priority to ensure all our communication is consistent and cohesive, the quality of the message is upheld, and the creative execution stays true to our brand story and values. 


We work across a trolley-load of outputs, handling the production of all their in-store materials, network guides, staff engagement collateral, welcome packs, digital screen content, digital comms, editorial and more. During peak promotional periods like Christmas, Easter or Back to School, we create all the promotional materials to highlight the latest deals and tech releases, alongside seasonal content, and provide colleagues with all the valuable tools they need to connect with customers. 


Our superpower is building templates with thorough guidelines to make things easier to implement - it has made a massive difference to the quality and consistency of their comms. And we’re always looking for fresh opportunities to keep them moving forward. Regular audits and workshops help us identify opportunities to improve the customer journey, stay relevant, and be innovative.


From day-to-day comms, right through to helping them develop their store of the future, we do it all. As brand champions, this holistic view of all the activities and campaigns, our strategy and design credentials, and our unrivalled knowledge of retail makes us invaluable partners to Tesco Mobile.

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