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Tile Giant

A giant brand refresh

One of the UK’s leading tile retailers, Tile Giant had ambitions that matched the scale of its epic name. As the business prepared for a major expansion and a new range of hard flooring, we were asked to refresh its brand identity from the ground up.


We began by setting strategic foundations with new brand positioning: “Walls and floors, covered.” Because Tile Giant caters to consumer and trade customers alike, we structured its new identity around the qualities that appeal to each audience. These USPs played a central role in our refreshed in-store comms, dialling up emphasis on inspiration for retail customers, and convenience for traders.


Our revitalised identity also included a new colour system to make categories and services clearer, plus a warm and punchy tone of voice. Now, Tile Giant has a brand that’s as smooth and elegant as its product lines.

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"It’s been great working with the Whippet team on our new store format. Lots of creative ideas and so rewarding seeing all the proposals come to life. Very happy with the results. Thank you all!"

Kamila Swiatecka,

Head of Marketing and Brand
Tile Giant

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