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M&S Café

Destination delicious

Following the successful rebrand work we’ve done for other areas of the business, our clients came to us to reimagine M&S Café for a young and hungry audience. This isn’t just a cafe, this is M&S Café - with food that’s as foodie as the Foodhall, taste-great (and does-great) coffee, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere to keep customers coming back for more.

We created a bold, fresh, daringly-different visual identity and store concept that’s more hospitality than supermarket, with a powerful positioning at its heart – all the magic of the Foodhall, with the warmth and love of your favourite local. And it even got a strapping new ‘All Day Delicious’ strapline. 

The new palette was inspired by the vibrant and delicious food, with rustic textures to reinforce craft and quality, and the photography was designed around three key principles – ‘Salivate’, ‘Curate’, and ‘Educate’. On top of the new brand mark, we also crafted a series of typographical stamps, playful stickers and bold price points to add more personality and reinforce the brand values and beliefs.


And the thing that brings it all together? A truly iconic tone of voice – a fresh twist on the classic M&S TOV that everyone knows and loves – seasoned with a little more playfulness.

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