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M&S Food

Bigger, bolder, fresher stores

M&S Food appointed us to help them roll out an ambitious store renewals programme. We created an entirely new store concept, with a look and feel that was bigger, bolder, more disruptive and yet more localised than ever before.


The brief was to create a store with ‘the mind of a supermarket, and soul of a fresh market’ Our response? A vibrant new store concept, designed to disrupt and feel relevant to more people. We treated every hero category and department independently, with a visual look and feel tailored specifically to each to give an eclectic look. We also created engaging local campaigns to help launch the new concept stores, including press and outdoor.


There was 46% increase in sales within the first fortnight of trading at Hempstead Valley launch store, a 60% increase in volume of products sold and a whopping 300% increase in sales in the bakery department.

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“Whippet totally understand what drives customers, so their solutions always work. Plus, they're a great bunch of people to work with, always willing to go the extra mile”

Sharry Cramond,
Marketing Director

M&S Food

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