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How we created a tastefully exciting event space for Dublin’s top food festival

Held every summer, Taste of Dublin bills itself as “a haven for foodies”: a festival where visitors can try delicious dishes from around the globe and join masterclasses from the best chefs in the business.

For this year’s event, held in the city’s historic Merrion Square, the M&S Food Chef’s Kitchen was one of the headline attractions — with Chef Mark Moriarty among the big names showing off their culinary prowess. To create an exciting experience for festival-goers, M&S asked for our help in designing their exhibition space.

At the heart of this brief was a challenge of translation. The main task was to take our summer Farm to Foodhall branding — currently on display at M&S stores across the UK — and to translate it into physical design: creating a vibrant and summery event space, one that foodies would flock to in celebration of the world’s finest produce.

Our fresh market-inspired identity lent itself well to this shift. With its emphasis on seasonal abundance and rustic “summer fair” imagery, we had lots of scope for creating playful props like hay bale seating, chalkboard signs and wooden food crates. We also brought the Farm to Foodhall style to banners, hanging bunting, event signage and a wood-clad counter, which became a key focal point within the exhibition space.

While each of these details offers its own moment of delight, it's their combined effect that gives the space the artisanal feeling of a lively organic market. We think it’s the perfect setting for exploring edible excellence.

Richard Carney, Marketing Manager at Marks & Spencer said, “We're delighted with our exhibition space at the Taste of Dublin food festival. Whippet went above and beyond, transforming our Farm to Foodhall identity into a dynamic physical design that created an engaging and memorable experience for visitors.”


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