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Crafting a brand scheme that (literally) dazzles: How we helped M&S win Christmas 2023.

Behold the wonder of M&S at Christmas time! The only place on the high street where customers can tick off everything on their list, from gorgeous gifts to delightful decorations, party outfits and festive food that wows.

For Christmas 2023 we conjured up a stunning glitterfest as the core asset for Marks and Spencer's festive comms - with a beautiful blue and purple-hued shimmery backdrop shot on camera. We sprinkled magic and escapism throughout the store across food, clothing, gift shop and even international markets, joining up each and every customer touchpoint with the scheme.

To complement this, we created a luxurious, gold version of the core M&S typeface and a magical tone of voice to make product ranges really sing. For the first time, Food to Order was given its own moment with a tailored look and feel, and M&S Bank got in on the action too, with seasonal sparkles and a wave of luxe gold ribbon added to the creative.

It all came to life in store with the 2D heightened by bespoke 3D centrepieces and custom-lit elements, giving the space the ultimate wow factor.

"M&S’s Christmas 2023 campaign was one of the most seamless and cohesive to date, where every single touchpoint told a part of the story," said Whippet's Creative & Principal Director, Sean Dwyer.

"Christmas is such a huge team effort between us and our clients, so it’s a nice challenge to try and outdo ourselves each year – to ensure every Christmas is the best it can be for M&S customers around the world."

Results saw a whopping 10.5% growth in food sales, a 4.8% uplift in clothing and home and an outstanding total growth in group sales of 7.2%. In fact, M&S emerged as the 2023 ‘Christmas winner’ thanks to these higher than expected sales and demand for festive items.

Sharry Cramond, Marketing Director, M&S Food and Masterbrand and Director of Loyalty, M&S said, “Everyone at M&S is thrilled at how this year's scheme has landed. What was most incredible was Whippet's expertise and vision to drive the concept further than we anticipated while working at speed. The team are a joy to work with and we couldn't be happier.”

It's no surprise that M&S won Christmas!


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