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Not One, But Two Nominations

For Retail Week Best New Store

The perfect brief doesn’t exist. For us, the real success in any project is collaborating harmoniously with our clients; working collectively to create something transformational. With not one, but two of our clients shortlisted for Retail Week Awards Best New Store, we couldn’t be prouder of the branding identity work we did for both Holland & Barrett, as well as The Floor Room by Carpetright.

Where we came in

We were onboarded to transform the Holland & Barrett brand identity and concept a completely new identity for Carpetright’s design-led store ambitions. From strategic creative proposition to the overall design and tone of voice – this was then translated into store concepts that informed the overall store identity. The result was a collaboration of skillsets which, in unison, resulted in truly remarkable work.

The Floor Room by Carpetright

Carpetright asked us to concept an identity for a new store in Tottenham Court Road that showcased premium style choices and was therefore distinct from their main-estate branding. The aim was to show a design-savvy audience that The Floor Room was their go-to for superb flooring solutions. Opening in 2021, The Floor Room has been a smashing success, selling design-led flooring for the style-conscious home-lover.

How we did it

Our intent? To take flooring to the next level. To elevate the in-store experience and assimilate The Floor Room to that of a considered, design-driven showroom. Leveraging the brand’s expertise and quality, we opted for a bold and contemporary visual identity that would catapult flooring into the category of fabulous.

Jo Randall eagerly explained,

“My favourite thing about this project is that it totally doesn’t feel like a typical Carpetright store – and that was a pivotal part of our brief. The final output was so close to our original conceptual vision. From the name and identity to the in-store experience, the creative premise was to translate a bigger ‘warehouse’ Carpetright offer into a premium, boutique shopping experience.”

Paired with an effortless tone of voice that focused on the persona behind each stylistic preference, the overall creative outcome helped customers make their flooring fantasies a reality.

The results

“We were so impressed with their interpretation of the brief and their creative ideas; we were intent on ensuring that the final delivery was exactly what they had designed.”

Joanna Moralee, Head of Brand, Carpetright

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Project leads: Business Director Nicky Guest & Design Director, Jo Randall. Creative Director: Sean Dwyer

Holland & Barrett Store Refresh

A ‘well-kept secret’ by its own admission, Holland & Barrett came to us with the ambition to broaden its appeal and make wellness more inclusive. We developed a completely new brand identity for them with a set creative ambition at heart: to bring wellness to everyone.

How we did it

In the wave of “science-sells”, many wellness brands have failed to resonate with audiences in a familiar and friendly fashion. Our creative solution? Using design elements such as a softer typeface, a pastel colour palette and illustrations, our team set out to create an inviting and warm brand identity that imbued accessibility and inclusivity. That paired with a friendly yet professional tone of voice, Holland & Barrett felt truly holistic. An inviting environment, full of insightful, health-driven information.

The result

When surveying immediate curb-appeal, one customer stated, "I would definitely now go inside and look around rather than just passing by". We’ll take that.

“We love clients with ambition, and that was certainly what characterised this project. With so much good about this brand to shout about, it was inspiring to get the chance to bring wellness to an even wider audience.”

Jos Canavan, Senior Account Director, Whippet

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Project leads: Design Director, Simon Mellor & Senior Account Director, Jos Canavan Creative Director: Sean Dwyer

Winners are announced on the 26th of May 2022 and, regardless of the outcome, there is already so much to be proud of.


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